Sermon Series: “God’s Great Story”


What’s the Bible all about and how do I fit into it? That question is much of what our next sermon series is all about.

The purpose of this series is to gain a better understanding of the Bible as a whole, so that we too might understand how we fit into the story of the Bible.

Ultimately the one message of the Bible is about Jesus. Lord willing, through this series we will see Jesus more fully throughout the Bible and how we can be a part of God’s story by trusting in Him.

This sermon series is all about God’s great story. Below you’ll find the outline of our upcoming sermons in this series:

  1. November 9: God Creates Everything
  2. November 16: God Shows Mercy to Rebels
  3. November 23: God Makes Promises
  4. November 30: God Calls a People
  5. December 7: God Anoints Kings
  6. December 14: God Sends Prophets
  7. December 21: God Becomes a Man
  8. January 4: God Dies & Lives Again
  9. January 11: God Calls a New People
  10. January 18: God Makes All Things New

Listen to the sermons in this series.