Nehemiah: Ten Truths for Building Our Church and Lives

website-slide-nehemiahIf the Lord wills, on January 26 we will begin a new sermon series through the book of Nehemiah, entitled “Nehemiah: Ten Truths for Building Our Church and Lives.”

The book of Nehemiah is largely about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem by the people of God under the leadership of Nehemiah. The walls of Jerusalem had been destroyed, ultimately, as part of God’s judgement against his people for their sin. The book of Nehemiah is also the place where the Old Testament history ends in about 440 B.C., with the rebuilding of the walls.

When considering Nehemiah in today’s context, it contains wonderful applications and truths for the building of our own church and lives. These truths, that we will see in the book of Nehemiah, will be the subjects of this sermon series. Below, you’ll find an outline of the upcoming sermon titles and texts.

I believe this will be an important series for our church and for our individuals lives, and I invite you to begin praying now that God would provide much fruit through this series.

-Pastor Aaron

Upcoming Sermons:

1/26 – “Prayer” – Nehemiah 1

2/2 – “Action” – Nehemiah 2:1-16

2/9 – “Working Together in Unity” – Nehemiah 2:17-3:32

2/16 – “Facing Opposition” – Nehemiah 4, 6

2/23 – “Caring for others” – Nehemiah 5

3/2 – “God’s Word” Nehemiah 7-8

3/9 – “Confession of Sin” – Nehemiah 9:1-37

3/16 – “Commitment” – Nehemiah 9:38-10:39

3/23 – “Worship” – Nehemiah 11-12

3/30 – “Re-commitment” – Nehemiah 13″