Upcoming Sermons

Below, you will find a list of upcoming sermons with the titles and texts of messages to be preached. We encourage you to take time engaging with the text prior to hearing the sermon so that you may better grasp the Word of God.

Jan 14
You Will Be My Witnesses

Acts 1:1–11

Jan 21
Waiting in Prayer 

Acts 1:12–26

Jan 28
The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1–13

Feb 4
Spirit-Empowered Witnessing

Acts 2:14-41

Feb 11
The Community of Witnesses

Acts 2:42–47

Feb 25
Witnessing in Word and Deed

Acts 3:1–26

Mar 4
Witnessing with Boldness

Acts 4:1–31

Mar 11
Authenticity Vs. Hypocrisy

Acts 4:32–5:11

Mar 18
Obeying God Rather Than Men

Acts 5:12–42

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